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Malahat mash

Posted in Cyclocross, fixed gear, Road, Touring, Track by capitalcitycycles on March 18, 2011

Two weekends ago Clay, Parker and I went on a nice little ride.

We rode to Shawnigan Lake via Brentwood Bay and Mill Bay and then back through Shawnigan and down the Malahat to Victoria. The ride was about 90km and we took our sweet time doing it.

This is only the  first in a series of long rides we intend to do somewhat informally through the shop. These rides are all about fun. There will be beer stops and good food along the way. Hammer if you want to ride alone. So start putting some km’s in and join us on the next one.

The equipment was low tech this time as we were all riding brakeless fixed gears. The photos nicely compliment that style since they were all shot on cellphones.

So much fun

I had a beer in here somewnere…

Waiting for the ferry in Brentwood bay

silly map

docking at Mill Bay

Clay Ulrich (likes the drops)

Parker climbs like a goat…he pisses you off when he tiptoes up the hills firmly seated in the saddle while you wrestle the bars and mash the pedals standing up and tasting blood

There is a barista beauty in this establishment, we’ll make a point of going there again…

Shady pub for shady people…love it

Artois / Artios who cares some European snob beer…Okenagan/Okenagen well, basically get a Budweiser you sissy


Nixon trail/Langford lake, Clay thought it would be fun to take a little cross side trail…he was right

Christmas Sale

Posted in BMX, City, Road, Sale, Touring by capitalcitycycles on December 9, 2009

We’re trying to move out some old stock to make room for the 2010 bikes which will be arriving very soon, so we will be offering 15% off all 2009 bikes and 20% off all 2008’s until the end of the month to anyone who mentions that they’ve read this post! We will also be offering 15% off parts and accessories!  Tell your friends!  Check out some of the great deals after the jump!


Upcoming Events: The Long Road North Premiere

Posted in Events, Touring by capitalcitycycles on October 30, 2009


There will be a Victoria premiere of The Long Road North on Friday November 13th at 6pm.  Tickets are on sale here at the shop for only $10, and I will be offering up a 15% discount on any parts or accessories for anyone who buys a ticket.

Come support this event, we will be donating some pretty great door prizes, and there will be lots of good food, beer and coffee.