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New Stuff!

Posted in Products by capitalcitycycles on April 15, 2011

So we got these BADASS new rims in today from Foer.  The rims are 41mm deep (like a B43) so they are nice and stiff, but also weight half what the B43’s do.  Check em, only $109

We also got some stuff from Pake including their new 1″ threaded fork.  I think we’re gonna build one of their frames up with it this afternoon.  BAM!

New Stuff!

Posted in Products by capitalcitycycles on March 2, 2011

We just received a big shipment of WTB saddles, including my favorite, the Silverado pictured above.  We’ve also received tons of womens specific saddles from WTB and lots of mountain saddles as well.

More new stuff after the jump.


Tuesday night ride and winter products we like

Posted in City, Events, Products, Road, Track by capitalcitycycles on March 1, 2011

We’ve been having a blast on the Tuesday night rides for the past couple of weeks. Tonight is looking good as far as the weather goes, even though there might be some light rain. We’ve got fenders right?

I think a good rip is in order for tonight. The last ride we did was pretty soggy but included a donut AND a beer stop so we all felt great afterwards. We’ll leave the shop around 6:30 or so.

Products we like for crappy weather:

SKS Race Blade Fenders

These fenders are great for fixed gears or road bikes with tight clearances. They’re a little more expensive than other similar fenders but have a better retention system and are made from plastic wrapped aluminum so they don’t brake as easily as others. Another cool feature is the included adapter for aero forks.

These fenders fit tires from 18mm-35mm, and weigh 297g for the pair. I’ve been running them for two winters on my fixed gear and they show no signs of wear. $75

Bike Lust:

Bike lust is a great product made by Pedro’s tool company. It’s a silicone polish that cleanes and shines your bike and builds up a protective surface on your frame that makes cleaning easier. So, if you have this stuff on your bike before you go out on the Capital City Cycles Tuesday night ride, it’ll be easy to wipe of your bike afterwards. I use this stuff year round…But it helps a lot in the winter months with the accompanying grimy roads.

Also for the winter months you don’t really want to walk to the liquor store in the rain, and if you’re smart, you’ve trained your cat to pick up some beer for you. Jeff and Tegan have trained their cat do do this, and they just attach a saddlebag on the cat with a note and some money and send it down to Cascadia to pick up some beer. But we here at Capital City love our animals so we want the cat to feel good and protected when it goes to the store for you. Therefore we’ve added a new custom helmet line to our existing aluminum foil line:

These helmets are made from the finest organic fruits we can source and provide your cat with a feeling of pride, protection and dignity. Tegan says his cat (Shadow death murder blackness III) “really loves it” when he puts the lime helmet on her. “She just starts to purr as soon as I put that on her, she loves it even more than Fruit Loops with chocolate milk!”

Helmets start at 50 bucks and go up from there, depending on materials and design.

Favorite Products: Velocity Deep V’s

Posted in Products by capitalcitycycles on February 28, 2011

I’m going to start doing the occasional writeup on some of our favorite products over the years here at Capital City, this being the first.

Velocity manufacturers their Deep V’s in Australia to ensure high quality, they come in around 25 different colours and are always available in Canada.  These rims are bombproof.  I have been running my gold machined Deep Vs for around 8 years (including as a courier in Calgary, where they were seriously abused) and they are still straight as an arrow.  I still ride them every day on my way to work.

We’ve been using Deep V’s as one of our staple rims here for about 4 years (even back in the Chain Chain Chain days) and have had zero complaints.  The occasional bike snob will suggest that they are too heavy, but we think that the extra weight and strength are beneficial for the every day rider.  The number of bike couriers in town using them can attest to that.

We sell Velocity Deep V’s for between 85 and 110 dollars each (depending on colour, anodization, and machining) or can lace you up a set with some high quality Dia Compe track hubs and Wheelsmith spokes for only $459-$469, which includes a free true and tension after the fact.

Check out Velocity’s site here for more info, or better yet stop by and ask us about them.  They’re a  product that we stand behind one hundred percent.

New Product Arrivals!

Posted in Custom builds, opinion, Products by capitalcitycycles on January 14, 2011


Our new stock has been trickling in, and I thought we’d keep y’all up to date on what’s coming in.  The Giro Surface (above) is a new one, which is sure to popular amongst the urban riding crowd. This Helmet comes in a bunch of cool colours and interesting graphics. Nice helmet!

Also fresh in stock: Assortment of tinfoil hats:

Custom kitty tinfoil, for a trusted customer.

Halldor has gained a few pounds this winter

Antennas not included

Tinfoil hats do not offer the same protection a helmet does. But if used in combination with a good helmet, such as the Surface, not only are you protected if you happen to ride into a school bus or something, but you also have the first line of defence from mind reading satellites and thought controlling hyperbeams. Like everybody knows, tinfoil hats are also useful to protect yourself from electromagnetic radiation.

Hats come in  small, medium and large, and are custom fitted for each individual. They’re made of aerospace grade tinfoil (7005) and will withstand radio waves of up to 3,5 Ghz. Higher grade led-lined tinfoil hats also available as custom order only.

Safe riding grasshopper…

San Marco is Back!

Posted in Products, Road by capitalcitycycles on December 9, 2010

I couldn’t be any happier to be letting everyone know that we will once again be selling Selle San Marco saddles.  These are my favorite saddles EVER but we had a brief hiatus as they changed Canadian suppliers, but they’re back and lookin’ good.

Pictured above is the Concor, one of the most sought after road saddles of our generation.  They will be available in multiple colours net week when they arrive in store next week, along with 5 other models.

The great Ikeabikes

Posted in bikes, opinion, Products by capitalcitycycles on December 7, 2010

Ikea USA announced recently that they would give all their employees a bike for Christmas, as a gesture of kindness, and some company savings on Christmas bonuses. The bikes represent all the latest in cycling technology and all that, for the low low price of about 35 bucks and a little child labour: no! who said that?! not the holy Swedes! Shame on you Halldor.

Via Bike Portland:

“In a statement about the gifts, IKEA US President Mike Ward said:

“It’s been a good year for IKEA, so what better way to celebrate our success than to thank our IKEA co-workers who made this happen.”

Well lets see, how about something of some monetary value, maybe a pair of scissors?

Note the leaps in technological evolution presented above: The seat tube is my personal favorite but without the quill stem and the riser bars and thumb shifters it just would not be as cool. Overall I’d say that all the technology comes together to present a futuristic cyclotochno bundle. What a sweet machine! Cant wait for one of those to turn up on Craigslist.

So how do you think that abomination came to be? This is how I imagine the board meeting:

“Hey fellars, I got a great idea for the Christmas bonuses this year…Yeah lets give everybody crappy bikes instead of giving them some extra cash for Christmas! We can appear nature friendly and at the same time save money and look like we’re a bunch of swell guys. How does that sound? Ok that’s settled then. So should we actually talk to somebody who knows anything about bikes do you think? Nah did not think so…ok lets do it then.”

Yup great idea guys. I think lots of unfortunate American kids are going to receive an “Ikeabike” for Christmas in a sad twist of fate. Poor kids…

New Products:

Posted in Products by capitalcitycycles on March 19, 2010

We’re still receiving new product almost daily, including these great new 700c tires from Fyxation.  More new stuff after the jump.


Just in: Knog Lights

Posted in Products by capitalcitycycles on November 24, 2009



100% Waterproof! Dishwasher safe! Fun colours!