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Sastre Retires

Posted in opinion, Road by capitalcitycycles on September 17, 2011

Carlos Sastre announced on Thursday that he wast retiring from professional cycling. Carlos was a wicked climber and won the Tour de France in 2008. He took the Mountains classification in the 2000 Vuelta along with a host of stage victories in the three grand tours. In his prime, Carlos was a baddass!

It’s sad to see him go, but his form has not been great in the past couple of years and many like myself, kept waiting for him to have a comeback. I still think he could have done something and he showed glimpses of his old form in the Vuelta a Espania this summer. The guy is only 36 and he was urged by family and friends to keep riding for another season but according to Velonews  he does not want cycling to become a financial thing for him. I don’t really know what that means. Perhaps it means that he simply does not have the passion for it anymore. If that is the case he was certainly right in calling it quits. Whatever the reason, the little guy will be missed and we thank him for his contribution to the sport.

Powerhouse BMC for next year

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This morning BMC announced they’ve signed Phillippe Gilbert for three years. Gilbert signed in part because the team had expressed interest in him before his sweep of the Ardennes classics this year and an overall stellar year. Class act Mr. Gilbert.

This is great news for the already superb team. They recently signed Thor Hushovd which pleased me immensely mostly because I dislike Cervelo, but also because I like BMC. Cadel Evans spouted off some uncharacteristically weird remarks when Hushovd was signed, about the team working exclusively for him (in the Tour) and that the team did not need a sprinter. I think these remarks must have been taken out of context because everyone knows that Thor is no longer the sprinter he used to be and is slowly turning into a stage winner/classics man (as proven in the Tour this year).

I also happen to think that BMC needs men like Hshovd and Gilbert. They were animators at the tour and if there’s any criticism BMC received after the Tour win, it was that they were too calculated (i.e. boring). Phillippe Gilbert is an old school racer and wins races like Fabian Cancellara with brave early attacks and decisive wins reminiscent of a certain Eddy Merckx. The aquisition of Hushovd and Gilbert will simply make BMC one of the most exciting teams in pro cycling. I think they’ll be a force to be reckoned with in the classics with the possibility of a three pronged attack of Cadel, Thor and Gilbert.

Don’t forget that even though those are the big names on BMC they have a superb team to back them up (George Hincapie, Brent Bookwalter, Marcus Burghart, Steve Morabito, Karsten Kroon, Johan Tscopp etc…), and some extremely exciting young talent (Taylor Phinney) as well.

I personally can’t wait for next season!

5:30 monster attack



point of view

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Via fyxomatosis

Smart girl this Mia…

I like this letter however:

Stop that!

Posted in opinion by capitalcitycycles on July 12, 2011

We sometimes come across strange things in our bike shop or around town. With the gift of cellphone cameras we try and capture this silliness, since we are big fans of all things silly. The idea is to share it with our readers in a blogpost every now and then. We hope you enjoy this first installation.

A compilation of silly, by Jay and Halldor:

Superb grammar


Ali Jet has put on a bit of weight but he can still crush you in a (flat) sprint.

Pabst bros

A rare 50mm rear spacing

Awesome lockjob!

Awesome derailleur mount

Cockpit of the year contender

8 speed rapidfire on the stem? Why not

sometimes one kickstand just is not enough

Sometimes one stool just is not enough

awesome lockjob on the scooter



we’ve decided to stop drinking as well…As Colin put it: “If Harry potter doesn’t drink, I don’t drink.”

Das Boot

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This is what I listen to on my solo rides…

Contador and Armstrong

Posted in opinion, Road by capitalcitycycles on February 17, 2011

Big news in the cycling world these days. Contador is apparently off the hook, but this contaminated meat thing will be a stain on his career as well as the butt of many jokes in cycling circles. I’m sure the UCI guys will be all over his ass with doping controls for the remainder of his career, whis is good and will ensure us a dope free Contador…or will it? Time will tell I’m sure. Now it’s a question of how this whole mess has affected Contador’s training and what sort of shape he is in. This will surely have affected him in some way, but whether it has fueled his fire to win and helped motivate him in his training is a question of his character. He’s certainly pissed off and hopefully it will culminate in a more aggressive riding style in the upcoming races.

Also in the news is the fact that Lance Armstrong is quitting for the second time. No matter how people view him, he’s a great ambassador for the sport and he sure did kick ass in his day. Much like Contador, he has the cloud of controversy hanging over his head with the dope sniffing dog of Jeff Novitzky on his heels. But Mr. Nowitzky  has the scalps of Barry Bonds and Marion Jones proudly displayed on his jacket lapelles (yeah that’s right Ian, lapelles).  Whatever comes out of that investigation remains to be seen but it’ll be big news however it goes. I personally hope, for the sake of the sport, that Armstrong comes up clean. However, many people are steadfast in their belief that Armstrong doped, and that’s ok with me. But if he comes up clean, it’s time to drop the hate and give credit where it is due.

New Product Arrivals!

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Our new stock has been trickling in, and I thought we’d keep y’all up to date on what’s coming in.  The Giro Surface (above) is a new one, which is sure to popular amongst the urban riding crowd. This Helmet comes in a bunch of cool colours and interesting graphics. Nice helmet!

Also fresh in stock: Assortment of tinfoil hats:

Custom kitty tinfoil, for a trusted customer.

Halldor has gained a few pounds this winter

Antennas not included

Tinfoil hats do not offer the same protection a helmet does. But if used in combination with a good helmet, such as the Surface, not only are you protected if you happen to ride into a school bus or something, but you also have the first line of defence from mind reading satellites and thought controlling hyperbeams. Like everybody knows, tinfoil hats are also useful to protect yourself from electromagnetic radiation.

Hats come in  small, medium and large, and are custom fitted for each individual. They’re made of aerospace grade tinfoil (7005) and will withstand radio waves of up to 3,5 Ghz. Higher grade led-lined tinfoil hats also available as custom order only.

Safe riding grasshopper…

The great Ikeabikes

Posted in bikes, opinion, Products by capitalcitycycles on December 7, 2010

Ikea USA announced recently that they would give all their employees a bike for Christmas, as a gesture of kindness, and some company savings on Christmas bonuses. The bikes represent all the latest in cycling technology and all that, for the low low price of about 35 bucks and a little child labour: no! who said that?! not the holy Swedes! Shame on you Halldor.

Via Bike Portland:

“In a statement about the gifts, IKEA US President Mike Ward said:

“It’s been a good year for IKEA, so what better way to celebrate our success than to thank our IKEA co-workers who made this happen.”

Well lets see, how about something of some monetary value, maybe a pair of scissors?

Note the leaps in technological evolution presented above: The seat tube is my personal favorite but without the quill stem and the riser bars and thumb shifters it just would not be as cool. Overall I’d say that all the technology comes together to present a futuristic cyclotochno bundle. What a sweet machine! Cant wait for one of those to turn up on Craigslist.

So how do you think that abomination came to be? This is how I imagine the board meeting:

“Hey fellars, I got a great idea for the Christmas bonuses this year…Yeah lets give everybody crappy bikes instead of giving them some extra cash for Christmas! We can appear nature friendly and at the same time save money and look like we’re a bunch of swell guys. How does that sound? Ok that’s settled then. So should we actually talk to somebody who knows anything about bikes do you think? Nah did not think so…ok lets do it then.”

Yup great idea guys. I think lots of unfortunate American kids are going to receive an “Ikeabike” for Christmas in a sad twist of fate. Poor kids…