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Zlog x Actual Pain ‘Hell on Wheels’

Posted in bikes, fixed gear by capitalcitycycles on July 29, 2011

Two of our favourite Seattle  labels, Zlog and Actual Pain have teamed up to produce this great little metal influenced graphic, Hell on Wheels. Zlog have been holding it down for the Northwest Fixed scene for a minute now and Actual Pain kill it on the graphic tee game. Show some love and ride in style with the Hell on Wheels tee available now at both the Zlog Boutique and the Actaul Pain store.


Port Renfrew to Victoria

Posted in fixed gear, Rides, Road by capitalcitycycles on June 12, 2011

As reported on

Clay, Parker and I went for a nice ride last Monday on our fixed gears. After a while of talking about it we decided to take on the road from Port Renfrew to Victoria. It’s a distance of about 115 km and a little hilly, so we were a bit nervous heading out. There was even talk of just going for a drive with the bikes on the back of the car and skip the riding part. But soon those feelings were replaced with pure fear. You see, our trusty driver Simon, was getting into the “zone.” The zone for Simon is a narrow tunnel of a road right in front of him. Suddenly roadside signs and warnings are not to be listened too, blind turns are navigated with speed and squeals, tailgating is a way of life, and bumps in the road have no affect on him except for a low grunt of:  “huh some road.”

For us regular folk, this sort of driving style has an effect on occupants in a way that makes us grab onto things whiteknuckle style, and a strange brake-like movement in our right foot, even though there are no brakes to step on (they’re unfortunately on Simon’s side, blissfully unused until the last possible moment). Strangely this driving style seems to have an effect on bike racks with three bikes too…as my dear pink bike rack proved. halfway into the ride it had had enough and tried to eject it self off the car, through the rear bumper. It was unsuccessful but broke in the process and our bikes were luckily undamaged.

So you can kind figure by now that the prospect of simply riding our bikes back seemed infinitely more appealing to us than to ride back in the car with the death racer. That took care of that, and now we just had to ride back…

pictures after the jump: (more…)

Felt Brougham 3 Speed Fixed Gear

Posted in fixed gear by capitalcitycycles on May 6, 2011

We see a lot of bikes come through here, and every now and then one REALLY pops out at us. This bike seriously pops. It’s only $999 and is a great option if you want to go fixed, but have some hills to contend with. Felt is really killing it this year.

Brougham Frames and 4130

Posted in bikes, Custom builds, fixed gear by capitalcitycycles on May 4, 2011

We just got a few Brougham frames in from Felt, as well as the gorgeous Felt 4130. The Brougham frame is about the best option you can find for a custom track bike build and at a very reasonable price.  As far as the 4130 goes, you kind of have to see it in person to appreciate it.

Come check them out!


Posted in bikes, fixed gear, Rides, Road by capitalcitycycles on April 23, 2011

Phillippe Gilbert has been amazing this year and is the favorite for tomorrow…he’s a marked man however, so other teams will try to make the race as tough as possible.

Nice profile (spells: pain)

The last of the Ardennes races is on tomorrow. The Liège–Bastogne–Liège is the last of the three Ardennes races held every year in the Easter week. Liège–Bastogne–Liège is the oldest surviving bicycle race in the world and it has been around since 1892. It’s sometimes called La Doyenne (the oldest) for that reason. The race is often considered the toughest of the classics. It has 10 tough climbs and it is about 260km long, so it takes the toughest kind of rider to be able to take the win.

This year we’ve had a fantastic classics season, with upset wins, great battles and much drama. Tomorrow will be no different, and will be well worth a watch.

We’ll go for a ride tomorrow leaving the shop at 10 and then watch the race in the afternoon.

Vino took it last year in an impressive fashion


Posted in Events, fixed gear, Rides, Road by capitalcitycycles on April 15, 2011

So far we’ve had a great classics season. Milan San-Remo, Flanders and Roubaix were all nail biters and awesome to watch. But as we move further into the spring, the racing continues. The Ardennes classics are upon us, starting with the Amstel Gold race on Sunday.
The Ardennes’ classics are hillier than other classics and this makes for really interesting races often won by strongmen that can still climb, such as Phillippe Gilbert (last years winner of Amstel Gold) Cadel Evans, Alexander Vinocourov and Alehandro Valverde just to name a few. Who knows who’ll win on Sunday, but surely it’ll be a great race. We’ll probably go for a ride on Sunday and then watch the race at the shop. Expect a bit of a hilly ride but as always, the pace will be pretty relaxed.

A few more photos from the sprints

Posted in bikes, fixed gear, Rides, Road, Track by capitalcitycycles on April 14, 2011

The sprints last Friday were amazing. This was probably one of our biggest events ever. It’s pretty cool to see all different sorts of cyclists, of all levels, coming together and racing purely for fun. Everyone got along well and hoppy drinks were consumed in brother/sisterhood.

There is no great bicycle divide.

Bunch of more photos here:

Ride out to the VCL race in Newton heights

Posted in fixed gear, Road by capitalcitycycles on April 7, 2011


Last Sunday we had a great ride out to the VCL (Victoria Cycling League) race in Newton Heights. We left the shop after a coffee at around 9 and rode the Lochside trail out to Roy, where some of us proceeded to have a breakfast beer.

Then we rode straight to Mt. Newton x-road, where Colin’s beer calories kicked in and he dropped us all except for Parker. After catching our breath in Saanichton we headed up to the hills.  The ones leading up to the race were tough but the final ones were unrideable by us mortals on onespeeds. Even Polkadot Parker got of his Macaroni in the end. No big deal, we just hiked up to the race, Cracked some spectator brews and watched Gillian kick ass.

After the race we rode back in a group of tired roadies, and stopped for a breakfast at the Bleu Coyote. Just before we stopped Colin showed them roadies and passed them all just before having to slam on the “brakes” at a red light, I almost fell of my bike laughing when that happened.

It should be noted that the breakfast menu at the Bleu Coyote has three different beer specials on it. -Bad ass.

After breakfast we cruised back on West-Saanich Rd. and Old W-Saanich rd. to the shop where we watched the Ronde Van Vlaanderen. Great day!

Malahat mash

Posted in Cyclocross, fixed gear, Road, Touring, Track by capitalcitycycles on March 18, 2011

Two weekends ago Clay, Parker and I went on a nice little ride.

We rode to Shawnigan Lake via Brentwood Bay and Mill Bay and then back through Shawnigan and down the Malahat to Victoria. The ride was about 90km and we took our sweet time doing it.

This is only the  first in a series of long rides we intend to do somewhat informally through the shop. These rides are all about fun. There will be beer stops and good food along the way. Hammer if you want to ride alone. So start putting some km’s in and join us on the next one.

The equipment was low tech this time as we were all riding brakeless fixed gears. The photos nicely compliment that style since they were all shot on cellphones.

So much fun

I had a beer in here somewnere…

Waiting for the ferry in Brentwood bay

silly map

docking at Mill Bay

Clay Ulrich (likes the drops)

Parker climbs like a goat…he pisses you off when he tiptoes up the hills firmly seated in the saddle while you wrestle the bars and mash the pedals standing up and tasting blood

There is a barista beauty in this establishment, we’ll make a point of going there again…

Shady pub for shady people…love it

Artois / Artios who cares some European snob beer…Okenagan/Okenagen well, basically get a Budweiser you sissy


Nixon trail/Langford lake, Clay thought it would be fun to take a little cross side trail…he was right


Posted in fixed gear, Track by capitalcitycycles on March 16, 2011