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3rd annual Blubber Burn Classic

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It’s that time again.

3rd annual Blubber burn is upon us.

It’s the same basic concept as the last two years.

Meet at the Heartland Dump Parking lot on January 29th. Register from 10:30-11:30.

Race starts at 12 and costs five buck which will go directly to South Island Mountain Bike Society since we will be riding on their trails.

“Race Clothing” encouraged.

I will probably run a similar course to last year, unless we have lots of snow, then I’ll make an easier course.

It’s a cross race, so if you have a CX bike show up on that. If you don’t have a CX bike you can use a Mountain bike but only if it’s single speed, or the shifters are locked out. There will be race officials that will inspect mountain bikes, and we can help with “singlespeeding” bikes as well. Mountain bikers will also be held back at the start line for a few seconds.

The course will most likely be the same as the last two years:

It starts at the north end of Inventive. From there it goes up Emergency one to Fire drill to Rollie ridge to Crazy horse, then down the fire road and skips into the bottom part of Nite shift and then up the fire road back to the start. I imagine the lap is only about 1,5 to 2 km but it is very challenging on a cross bike. For about 80% of the course you’ll be in your 3 lowest gears.  There will be some sort of barriers.

Some photos from two years ago:

some here as well:

Malahat mash

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Two weekends ago Clay, Parker and I went on a nice little ride.

We rode to Shawnigan Lake via Brentwood Bay and Mill Bay and then back through Shawnigan and down the Malahat to Victoria. The ride was about 90km and we took our sweet time doing it.

This is only the  first in a series of long rides we intend to do somewhat informally through the shop. These rides are all about fun. There will be beer stops and good food along the way. Hammer if you want to ride alone. So start putting some km’s in and join us on the next one.

The equipment was low tech this time as we were all riding brakeless fixed gears. The photos nicely compliment that style since they were all shot on cellphones.

So much fun

I had a beer in here somewnere…

Waiting for the ferry in Brentwood bay

silly map

docking at Mill Bay

Clay Ulrich (likes the drops)

Parker climbs like a goat…he pisses you off when he tiptoes up the hills firmly seated in the saddle while you wrestle the bars and mash the pedals standing up and tasting blood

There is a barista beauty in this establishment, we’ll make a point of going there again…

Shady pub for shady people…love it

Artois / Artios who cares some European snob beer…Okenagan/Okenagen well, basically get a Budweiser you sissy


Nixon trail/Langford lake, Clay thought it would be fun to take a little cross side trail…he was right

Das Boot

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This is what I listen to on my solo rides…

Cross Contamination Cross/Alleycat Race

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This is going to be the first of four races in the Capital City Cycles Winter Race Series.  The first Sunday in December meet at Gyro Park for a multi checkpoint, and varied terrain alleycat race that will be geared towards cross riders, but doable on any bike.  If you have any questions contact us at the shop, or throw them up on in the comments.

There are gonna be some sweet prizes, and it’s gonna be loads of fun!  Everyone welcome!

Singlespeed CX World Championship

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Just found this awesome photo of the SSCXWC course on Tracko.  Looks like a good one!

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Killin’ it!


Cyclocross Weekend in Victoria

Posted in Cyclocross by capitalcitycycles on October 26, 2010

It’s a huge weekend in Victoria for ‘cross racing with races on both Saturday and Sunday. There will be all the necessary details out and available on Wednesday this week on the Cross on the Rocks website, as well as lots of photos and stats from the other races this season. Word on the street is that one of the races is going to be singlespeed which you know we love..

So lets try not to be too hungover after the Victoria Chainline Massacre which is this Friday as well.  It’s gonna be a good weekend for racing bikes in Victoria, I hope you’re all as excited as Halldor(pictured above)  and I!

One more note to all you ‘crossers out there- We’ve got an abundance of Schwalbe Racing Ralph Evolution ‘Cross(our favorite cross tires) tires in stock and if anyone comes in and mentions this post we will be offerering a 30% discount on a pair.


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So what’s been going on lately? Well, my man Thor Hushovd is the new world champion, Contador is in limbo after doping accusations and Schlecks’ new team is looking mighty strong for next season.
If you’re like me and can’t stand the Schlecks, this would be a good time to start trying to hate the Schlecks a little less, and prepare yourself to try and like them a bit. I have to say though, that I’ve never really had any issue with Frank, but Andy is too full of himself for me to handle. As a rider though, his cockiness may be a good thing and he does hammer up the hills which can’t be taken away from him. Cancellara is reportedly signing for the Luxembourg team, and with other big names, such as Stuart O’Grady, the team will be a force to be reckoned with next year.
As far as Contador goes I’ll be very upset if he’s found guilty and looses his 2010 yellow jersey. Not because I’m such a huge fan of Contador, but because it would be a blow to the sport in general. He was so far as I know considered to be a great, clean, champion…but now that’s all under scrutiny. Also, it would be a shame if Contador would retire, as he has hinted at if he’s found guilty. We’ll see…but looking at the stages for next year’s Tour and the Tour of California, 2011 is going to be a good year for us spectators. I predict Hushovd will steal the victory at Paris-Roubaix and defeat Cancellara in a sprint finish. Ha! But that’s it for predictions on the 2011 season, there’s a few months left of 2010 and lots of things will change before the next years season. But I’ll be expecting more betting going on next year!
But enough jabbering about the road and onto more immediate things.

“The Victoria Chainline Massacre” is an alleycat race being organized by our friend Clay and will be held on Friday the 29th, the night before Halloween. This race is being sponsored by us and should be a kick ass race if I know Clay right. So be there for some sweet racing and good prices. MMMM…I love racing in the winter.
Also if you’re looking for things to do this weekend, the Cross on the Rock is in full swing and there is going to be a race at the Providence farm in Duncan on Sunday. This is a very spectator friendly race, in a beautiful location, and not too far of a drive. It will also be an opportunity to see me and Jeff suffer greatly and possibly puke. So if you’re feeling like seeing a bunch of guys and girls battling it out in the mud on silly cross bikes, come and check it out it’s always fun.

2010 Felt Bicycles Preview Pt.2

Posted in City, Cyclocross, Track by capitalcitycycles on November 27, 2009

As promised I have compiled some more preview photos of Felt Bicycles 2010 lineup that we will be selling exclusively here at the shop.  Pictured here is the Felt Canvas Frameset which comes as seen allowing you to fully customize and paint the bike from the frame up.

More bikes after the jump.


2010 Felt Bikes Preview

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We’re happy to introduce the Felt Bicycles lineup to Victoria after a 4 year hiatus.

We’ve got some preview photos of some of the 2010 bikes, including the new 3 speed fixed gear,  after the jump.