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Posted in bikes, Custom builds, MTB, Rides by capitalcitycycles on June 30, 2011

After years away from the discipline I thought it was time to get back into touring and since we have this blog I thought our readers might be interested in seeing what I use for multi-day excursions. Of course this is a pro bike shop build so perhaps not within the reach of your average guy but as a bike shop we like to showcase our unique skill set and the sort of quality parts we can provide. Enjoy:
Frame is custom orderd SporTek mtb stepthrough. I like the ruggedness of a mountain bike frame as opposed to dedicated touring frames. I also like the semi-stepthrough frame for when I’m winter touring in geiters and crampons.

For panniers I use Blackburn racks with custom made powder coated pannier grates (no these are not from a laundry hamper). For the front I like to drape reusable shopping bags of the crate an I usually fill those with water and sometimes rocks for more high speed stability…more on that later. I use backpacks for panniers, and on the front I use a milk crate for the added rigidity of a plastic enclosure and in there I have a seat belt for Charlie Sheen my slightly un-purebred Whippet.  The crate is also great to sit on at the campfire at night, and with slight modifications can be used as a helmet. Drivetrain is a 21 speed setup with Falcon thumb shifters and  Shimano SIS derailleurs, but that’s the most bombproof system there is…I know because I blew up five drive trains with sticks of dynamite before deciding on this setup (they were the only ones that were usable after the explotion.

Charlie Sheen the Whippet

Wheels are Joytechs, tires are Cheng Shins. Cranks are one piece, with ceramic bb. Pedals are composite, hempbased and again use ceramic coated bearings. Grips are ODI, Stem is a custom made Everti Titanium 17degree quill with matching bars. Bottle cage is Chris King and I use Vitamin water bottles. Seat is velo sport with titanium rails and natural gel padding. Seatpost is titanium.

Perhaps what sets this bike apart from your average touring machine is the custom Univega rear spoiler system. The only drawback of using a mountain bike frame as a basis for your touring rig is that the wheelbase is very short. This makes it a bit unstable at speeds above 79kmh and I noticed that my rear end would wander a bit in those circumstances, especially if I was using the hovergear. Therefore I added the spoiler which makes for much better tracking at high speed and gives me more traction in the back for high speed, loaded, climbs. The last thing you want is your rear end levitating when you don’t want it to, and the spoiler takes care of that. It’s a composite system existing of steel struts, and a natural fiber wing. It’s a prototype, but the patent is pending.
Go forth with vigor,


Brougham Frames and 4130

Posted in bikes, Custom builds, fixed gear by capitalcitycycles on May 4, 2011

We just got a few Brougham frames in from Felt, as well as the gorgeous Felt 4130. The Brougham frame is about the best option you can find for a custom track bike build and at a very reasonable price.  As far as the 4130 goes, you kind of have to see it in person to appreciate it.

Come check them out!

Custom Cutter

Posted in Custom builds by capitalcitycycles on March 2, 2011

Check out Chaii’s custom Cutter:

Frame: Volume Bike Co. Cutter, with Volume track forks

Cranks: FSA Vero

Bars: Hipster Speciale, with Profile Racing wedge clamp stem (bam!)

Grips: Animal Edwin Delarosa signature

Pedals: Animal Steven Hamilton signature

Wheelset: Velocity Deep V’s laced to Grand Compe track hubs, wheelsmith spokes. Soma 15t Cog. (take those stickers of your rims!)

Tires: Fixation Session 700×23

Seat: Animal Crush Strip pivotal

Seatpost: Alien Nation

Headset: Impac integrated.

Chaii’s been coming out to our races for a long time with his buddy Japhy (he rides a Felt Brougham). They normally take the prices for the youngest riders and always hit all checkpoints no matter how long it takes. For a while there they made due with some rather ghetto bikes, but given their interest and dedication they totally deserve their current rides.

Congrats on your new bike Chaii!

New Product Arrivals!

Posted in Custom builds, opinion, Products by capitalcitycycles on January 14, 2011


Our new stock has been trickling in, and I thought we’d keep y’all up to date on what’s coming in.  The Giro Surface (above) is a new one, which is sure to popular amongst the urban riding crowd. This Helmet comes in a bunch of cool colours and interesting graphics. Nice helmet!

Also fresh in stock: Assortment of tinfoil hats:

Custom kitty tinfoil, for a trusted customer.

Halldor has gained a few pounds this winter

Antennas not included

Tinfoil hats do not offer the same protection a helmet does. But if used in combination with a good helmet, such as the Surface, not only are you protected if you happen to ride into a school bus or something, but you also have the first line of defence from mind reading satellites and thought controlling hyperbeams. Like everybody knows, tinfoil hats are also useful to protect yourself from electromagnetic radiation.

Hats come in  small, medium and large, and are custom fitted for each individual. They’re made of aerospace grade tinfoil (7005) and will withstand radio waves of up to 3,5 Ghz. Higher grade led-lined tinfoil hats also available as custom order only.

Safe riding grasshopper…

Aubra’s Brougham

Posted in Custom builds by capitalcitycycles on October 27, 2010

Check out Aubra’s custom powdercoated Brougham. This build was focused on style and comfort, but was also focused on keeping the price within a student’s budget. I like the outcome, what do you think?

Recent Builds

Posted in Custom builds by capitalcitycycles on March 12, 2010

Jay and Jeff  just built up two new fixed gears, a 56cm Volume Cutter (feels like a 58) 55cm a 183rd st. Come on down, have a coffee and check them out!

Volume Cutter:Volume Cutter

Velocity Chukker Rims, Azonic white bars, Pake Cranks…kick ass!

183rd. st

Blue Velocity wheelset and lots of other blue stuff!