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Tuesday night ride and winter products we like

Posted in City, Events, Products, Road, Track by capitalcitycycles on March 1, 2011

We’ve been having a blast on the Tuesday night rides for the past couple of weeks. Tonight is looking good as far as the weather goes, even though there might be some light rain. We’ve got fenders right?

I think a good rip is in order for tonight. The last ride we did was pretty soggy but included a donut AND a beer stop so we all felt great afterwards. We’ll leave the shop around 6:30 or so.

Products we like for crappy weather:

SKS Race Blade Fenders

These fenders are great for fixed gears or road bikes with tight clearances. They’re a little more expensive than other similar fenders but have a better retention system and are made from plastic wrapped aluminum so they don’t brake as easily as others. Another cool feature is the included adapter for aero forks.

These fenders fit tires from 18mm-35mm, and weigh 297g for the pair. I’ve been running them for two winters on my fixed gear and they show no signs of wear. $75

Bike Lust:

Bike lust is a great product made by Pedro’s tool company. It’s a silicone polish that cleanes and shines your bike and builds up a protective surface on your frame that makes cleaning easier. So, if you have this stuff on your bike before you go out on the Capital City Cycles Tuesday night ride, it’ll be easy to wipe of your bike afterwards. I use this stuff year round…But it helps a lot in the winter months with the accompanying grimy roads.

Also for the winter months you don’t really want to walk to the liquor store in the rain, and if you’re smart, you’ve trained your cat to pick up some beer for you. Jeff and Tegan have trained their cat do do this, and they just attach a saddlebag on the cat with a note and some money and send it down to Cascadia to pick up some beer. But we here at Capital City love our animals so we want the cat to feel good and protected when it goes to the store for you. Therefore we’ve added a new custom helmet line to our existing aluminum foil line:

These helmets are made from the finest organic fruits we can source and provide your cat with a feeling of pride, protection and dignity. Tegan says his cat (Shadow death murder blackness III) “really loves it” when he puts the lime helmet on her. “She just starts to purr as soon as I put that on her, she loves it even more than Fruit Loops with chocolate milk!”

Helmets start at 50 bucks and go up from there, depending on materials and design.

Volume Bikes Preview

Posted in bikes, City, Track by capitalcitycycles on February 28, 2011

Volume have absolutely been killing it on their fixed blog as of late and are soon going to be releasing these two killer bikes in Canada.  The first is a complete hybrid style bike with discs and internal shifting, while keeping the badass steel frame look, with nice stiff rims.  The second will be their complete Thrasher which will come in at a realistic price point for those of you who are looking for a super reliable fixed gear, or to get in to trick riding.


Victoria Tweed Ride

Posted in City by capitalcitycycles on February 28, 2011

Ladies and gentlemen, Victoria BC’s first ever tweed ride will take place May the 7th, 2011.  We’re stoked to dust off our old knickers and jackets for this one.  We’ll be sponsoring this great event and would love to see a big turnout to support fun and cycling in our city.. and it ends at a pub!

Check out the website for more info on what the ride is all about and for registration stuffs.

See you out there, we’ll be the dapper ones, and I personally can’t wait to see Halldor dressed in tweed!

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Alleycat Breakdown On Stuckylife

Posted in City, Track by capitalcitycycles on February 23, 2011

A photo of the great leader coming in not nearly tired enough.

Brandon at stuckylife did a great writeup about the race on Saturday, with tons of photos.  Check it out!

And another big thanks to everyone for coming out, we’re stoked on the turnout, especially in the middle of winter!

Now everyone enjoy the snowday, and dust off the cross bikes again!

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Product Preview: Fyxation Pedals

Posted in City, Track by capitalcitycycles on January 10, 2011

We should start seeing the newly released Fyxation pedals in Canada very soon.  We’ve been very happy with the Fyxation stuff so far, and are all very excited to try these new pedals out.  They’ll also be releasing a toe strap, so check back soon for some product shots.

Volume Thrasher Back In Stock!

Posted in City, Track by capitalcitycycles on December 27, 2010

We’ve received a couple more Volume Thrasher framesets from our boys down in SoCal.  Eric Puckett demonstrates just what these frames can do here in Volumes latest print ad.  Badass.

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Creme Bicycles

Posted in City by capitalcitycycles on October 15, 2010

We are pleased to announce that we will be the exclusive dealer of Creme Bicycles for Victoria in 2011. Creme Bicycles are made in Europe and are designed to both look beautiful and be ridden every day. The above photo is just a taste of what we will be importing for next year. I will be posting more photos as soon as we can get our WordPress working. Expect some seriously legit Dutch bikes and cafe racer style bikes as well.

Brooks Saddles Now In Stock

Posted in City by capitalcitycycles on March 30, 2010

We have just received a couple of  Brooks Saddles by popular demand.  We will be stocking Brooks regularly now, and if there is ever a specific saddle that you’re after we’re more than happy to special order.  Come check out the B17s at an affordable $133!

Momentum Magazine

Posted in City by capitalcitycycles on March 16, 2010

The nice folks over at Momentum Magazine featured our shop in a recent article about fixed gears, city bikes and bicycle aesthetics.  The article is great, and the magazine as a whole is fantastic.  Come by the shop and pick up your free copy of Momentum, they usually don’t last long.

2010 Felt Arrivals

Posted in City, Road by capitalcitycycles on March 4, 2010

We’ve received our first shipment of 2010 Felts, including the new ZW100 (pictured above)- A great entry level woman’s road machine, the new Curbside singlespeed/fixed gears, and Felt’s high end aluminum/carbon hybrid the Speed50. More photo’s after the jump, and more bikes are slated to arrive soon, including the mens road bikes that everyone has been anticipating.