Capital City Cycles

Capital City Cycles/StuckyLife Cranksgiving Day Alleycat Madness!

Posted in Uncategorized by capitalcitycycles on October 2, 2011

There’s gonna be an alleycat race next Saturday the 8th to celebrate Thanksgiving (and all it’s colonial wonder).  This Thanksgiving instead of raping and pillaging we’re giving and loving!  We’re meeting up at Capital City Cycles at 6:30pm on Saturday, and the race starts at 6:45.  The idea behind the race is that the checkpoints are going to consist of several grocery stores (small and large) and at said stores you’ll be required to pick up a non-perishable food item (for the food bank) and keep the receipt as proof that you hit the right spot.  There is no entry fee, and there will be time bonuses if you hit extra grocery stores and get more food.  There will be a car at the finish to drop all the foods in.

This race is open to absolutely anyone, and while points will be given out to the riders who are part of the race series, I totally encourage anyone and everyone with a bicycle to come out, ride the route and have fun.

Of course you’ll want to bring a bag, a lock and some lights.

I’ll post any more details necessary later in the week.

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