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Sastre Retires

Posted in opinion, Road by capitalcitycycles on September 17, 2011

Carlos Sastre announced on Thursday that he wast retiring from professional cycling. Carlos was a wicked climber and won the Tour de France in 2008. He took the Mountains classification in the 2000 Vuelta along with a host of stage victories in the three grand tours. In his prime, Carlos was a baddass!

It’s sad to see him go, but his form has not been great in the past couple of years and many like myself, kept waiting for him to have a comeback. I still think he could have done something and he showed glimpses of his old form in the Vuelta a Espania this summer. The guy is only 36 and he was urged by family and friends to keep riding for another season but according to Velonews  he does not want cycling to become a financial thing for him. I don’t really know what that means. Perhaps it means that he simply does not have the passion for it anymore. If that is the case he was certainly right in calling it quits. Whatever the reason, the little guy will be missed and we thank him for his contribution to the sport.


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