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Port Renfrew to Victoria

Posted in fixed gear, Rides, Road by capitalcitycycles on June 12, 2011

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Clay, Parker and I went for a nice ride last Monday on our fixed gears. After a while of talking about it we decided to take on the road from Port Renfrew to Victoria. It’s a distance of about 115 km and a little hilly, so we were a bit nervous heading out. There was even talk of just going for a drive with the bikes on the back of the car and skip the riding part. But soon those feelings were replaced with pure fear. You see, our trusty driver Simon, was getting into the “zone.” The zone for Simon is a narrow tunnel of a road right in front of him. Suddenly roadside signs and warnings are not to be listened too, blind turns are navigated with speed and squeals, tailgating is a way of life, and bumps in the road have no affect on him except for a low grunt of:  “huh some road.”

For us regular folk, this sort of driving style has an effect on occupants in a way that makes us grab onto things whiteknuckle style, and a strange brake-like movement in our right foot, even though there are no brakes to step on (they’re unfortunately on Simon’s side, blissfully unused until the last possible moment). Strangely this driving style seems to have an effect on bike racks with three bikes too…as my dear pink bike rack proved. halfway into the ride it had had enough and tried to eject it self off the car, through the rear bumper. It was unsuccessful but broke in the process and our bikes were luckily undamaged.

So you can kind figure by now that the prospect of simply riding our bikes back seemed infinitely more appealing to us than to ride back in the car with the death racer. That took care of that, and now we just had to ride back…

pictures after the jump:


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