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Fixie Day!

Posted in Uncategorized by capitalcitycycles on April 13, 2011

Hey bike riding friends! Let me help rescue your loved denim from the rag pile and keep you from looking like a Bon Jovi video…

Awhile ago i put a leather gusset in a pair of Naked and Famous for Jordan Doerksen and since then I’ve been told many a sad tale of great pants that need a little help to live again. Common ailments include:
– no more crotch
– no more knees
– no more pockets
– wide cut legs that make you feel like a hippie

Drop your drawers at Capital City Cycles this Saturday from 1-5pm. I’ll be there to look… at the fit and rips, you can pre-pay your repairs (cash only) and they’ll be ready for pick up in less than a week. First come, first serve, so if you need them back super fast be first in line!

$15-$25 sliding scale for repair work
$40 for repairs AND leather inseam patch

Did I forget to mention this is also a fundraiser to send my fashion loving ass to NYC to see the Alexander McQueen exhibit at the Met? Well it is!

Got Questions? Need an alternate drop off time? Msg me and we’ll set something up.

See you Saturday!


Thanks Angie!  And check out Angie’s clothing store Floating Gold Iceberg on lower Pandora.



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