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Ride out to the VCL race in Newton heights

Posted in fixed gear, Road by capitalcitycycles on April 7, 2011


Last Sunday we had a great ride out to the VCL (Victoria Cycling League) race in Newton Heights. We left the shop after a coffee at around 9 and rode the Lochside trail out to Roy, where some of us proceeded to have a breakfast beer.

Then we rode straight to Mt. Newton x-road, where Colin’s beer calories kicked in and he dropped us all except for Parker. After catching our breath in Saanichton we headed up to the hills.  The ones leading up to the race were tough but the final ones were unrideable by us mortals on onespeeds. Even Polkadot Parker got of his Macaroni in the end. No big deal, we just hiked up to the race, Cracked some spectator brews and watched Gillian kick ass.

After the race we rode back in a group of tired roadies, and stopped for a breakfast at the Bleu Coyote. Just before we stopped Colin showed them roadies and passed them all just before having to slam on the “brakes” at a red light, I almost fell of my bike laughing when that happened.

It should be noted that the breakfast menu at the Bleu Coyote has three different beer specials on it. -Bad ass.

After breakfast we cruised back on West-Saanich Rd. and Old W-Saanich rd. to the shop where we watched the Ronde Van Vlaanderen. Great day!


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