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Favorite Products: Velocity Deep V’s

Posted in Products by capitalcitycycles on February 28, 2011

I’m going to start doing the occasional writeup on some of our favorite products over the years here at Capital City, this being the first.

Velocity manufacturers their Deep V’s in Australia to ensure high quality, they come in around 25 different colours and are always available in Canada.  These rims are bombproof.  I have been running my gold machined Deep Vs for around 8 years (including as a courier in Calgary, where they were seriously abused) and they are still straight as an arrow.  I still ride them every day on my way to work.

We’ve been using Deep V’s as one of our staple rims here for about 4 years (even back in the Chain Chain Chain days) and have had zero complaints.  The occasional bike snob will suggest that they are too heavy, but we think that the extra weight and strength are beneficial for the every day rider.  The number of bike couriers in town using them can attest to that.

We sell Velocity Deep V’s for between 85 and 110 dollars each (depending on colour, anodization, and machining) or can lace you up a set with some high quality Dia Compe track hubs and Wheelsmith spokes for only $459-$469, which includes a free true and tension after the fact.

Check out Velocity’s site here for more info, or better yet stop by and ask us about them.  They’re a  product that we stand behind one hundred percent.


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