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Contador and Armstrong

Posted in opinion, Road by capitalcitycycles on February 17, 2011

Big news in the cycling world these days. Contador is apparently off the hook, but this contaminated meat thing will be a stain on his career as well as the butt of many jokes in cycling circles. I’m sure the UCI guys will be all over his ass with doping controls for the remainder of his career, whis is good and will ensure us a dope free Contador…or will it? Time will tell I’m sure. Now it’s a question of how this whole mess has affected Contador’s training and what sort of shape he is in. This will surely have affected him in some way, but whether it has fueled his fire to win and helped motivate him in his training is a question of his character. He’s certainly pissed off and hopefully it will culminate in a more aggressive riding style in the upcoming races.

Also in the news is the fact that Lance Armstrong is quitting for the second time. No matter how people view him, he’s a great ambassador for the sport and he sure did kick ass in his day. Much like Contador, he has the cloud of controversy hanging over his head with the dope sniffing dog of Jeff Novitzky on his heels. But Mr. Nowitzky  has the scalps of Barry Bonds and Marion Jones proudly displayed on his jacket lapelles (yeah that’s right Ian, lapelles).  Whatever comes out of that investigation remains to be seen but it’ll be big news however it goes. I personally hope, for the sake of the sport, that Armstrong comes up clean. However, many people are steadfast in their belief that Armstrong doped, and that’s ok with me. But if he comes up clean, it’s time to drop the hate and give credit where it is due.


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  1. iain said, on February 20, 2011 at 10:36 am

    Here here… amazing post great breakdown..

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