Capital City Cycles

New Opus Bikes in Stock

Posted in bikes by capitalcitycycles on February 11, 2011

A few new Opus’ have arrived, including lots of elegant ladies bikes like this Urbanista.  They feature front and rear drum brakes (which we love) and internal Shimano shifting.  Very sensible and stylish.

The Opus Ivanna.  This is a very simple and unintimidating bike designed for short commutes and city life.  The bike comes with drum brakes, and internal shifting, as well as a gorgeous front rack designed for carrying pretty much anything.  They set the Ivanna up with 26″ wheels as well, so it’s super easy to get on and off, and very stable and comfortable.

The Opus Crate 3.1 is a dirt/street machine with a BMX inspired chromoly frame.  A great startoff point for anyone looking to get serious about street riding.

Our resident raver and street rider Aaron is pretty excited to pick one up for himself, so you better get down here before he get his sticky chocolate covered little paws all over it.

Give us a shout here, or come by and say hi for prices.



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