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Posted in bikes by capitalcitycycles on January 28, 2011

Just a few quick news updates for everyone, as we haven’t posted anything new in a few days-

Halldor’s Blubberburn Classic ‘cross race at Heartland went off without a hitch, with Tom Skinner running his bike in for the win followed up by Jamie Cameron in second and Dan Molgat-Roy taking third.  Everyone had a great time, and we look forward to putting on more cross races in the coming years.

We’ve got a couple of sick new custom bikes build up, including a trick specific Volume Thrasher decked out with Macneil BMX cranks, Animal pedals, Fyxation tires and all sorts of other cool stuff.  I also just finished up a super chrome Felt 3 speed fixed gear with basket.  Come check ’em out!

We are receiving now stock daily, and have been so busy that I haven’t been able to keep up with it all on the blog so you’ll have to come see for yourself.

Our first 2011 Felt shipment is arriving late next week, and will include the new F95s, the ZW-95, and a few Broughams for the fixie crowd.

Another big change we’ve made (which probably seems more significant for us) is changing up the layout of the store to make room for all the 2011 Opus Bikes, Creme Bikes, and Felt Bikes.  Our bike selection is going to be bigger than ever this season and we can’t wait.

The Victoria International Bike Festival is coming up quickly and with the help of plenty of volunteers and organizers we’re plugging away at a schedule of events and making sure that there will be lots of fun stuff for every genre of cyclist.  One event that we have on lock down will be sprints on a closed off road near the inner harbor.  It’s all very exciting.

We will also be releasing our Capital City Cycles Summer Race Series schedule next week at some point, so look out for that.  There’s gonna be a lot of hot race action this year, so ya better get your train on.

Camas Book Shop will be hosting Reverend Phil’s Bike Porn 4 for the not so bashful or faint of heart.  Reverend Phil is the man.

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