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New Product Arrivals!

Posted in Custom builds, opinion, Products by capitalcitycycles on January 14, 2011


Our new stock has been trickling in, and I thought we’d keep y’all up to date on what’s coming in.  The Giro Surface (above) is a new one, which is sure to popular amongst the urban riding crowd. This Helmet comes in a bunch of cool colours and interesting graphics. Nice helmet!

Also fresh in stock: Assortment of tinfoil hats:

Custom kitty tinfoil, for a trusted customer.

Halldor has gained a few pounds this winter

Antennas not included

Tinfoil hats do not offer the same protection a helmet does. But if used in combination with a good helmet, such as the Surface, not only are you protected if you happen to ride into a school bus or something, but you also have the first line of defence from mind reading satellites and thought controlling hyperbeams. Like everybody knows, tinfoil hats are also useful to protect yourself from electromagnetic radiation.

Hats come in  small, medium and large, and are custom fitted for each individual. They’re made of aerospace grade tinfoil (7005) and will withstand radio waves of up to 3,5 Ghz. Higher grade led-lined tinfoil hats also available as custom order only.

Safe riding grasshopper…


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