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Posted in Uncategorized by capitalcitycycles on December 13, 2010

what happens when you mix a 220 lbs guy, a carbon seat post, a steel hardtail and accidental clipout of a drop:

well…the “drop” was the edge of the pavement down to the start of the trail into the Dump. Yeah that’s right, I wasn’t even on the trails yet. And the drop was a whopping 4″! That is some smooth riding right there.

This accomplishment destroys my former record of crashing in less then 15 seconds from leaving the parking lot. This time it took me about 10 seconds. Well I did not crash, but I snapped my seat post in stead and I think that counts.

So what do you do in a situation like that? Would you be satisfied with a 10 second ride? Nope, not me either. so just slam your seat post down a bit further and suffer through the ride.

The trails are surprisingly good at the dump right now. There’s quite a bit of standing water and some bb-deep puddles here and there. But the trails are in good shape overall. Lot’s of fun at the church today.


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