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Posted in Uncategorized by capitalcitycycles on July 9, 2010

So tomorrow is the first mountain stage of the tour. Stage 7 will take riders up over a few climbs including three category 3 climbs. This will be a relief from the last couple of dull stages, both of which were swept up by Cavendish. The Missile is back for sure, but is still a ways from the green jersey of Thor Hushovd (thank god).

Cadel is a hardman

Even though the last two stages were uneventful, the Tour has been a joy to watch so far and I personally think that including some interesting stages like stage three with the cobbled sections is a great idea. It’s definitely fan-friendly and makes the tour so much more interesting. I’ve heard a few guys in the peloton were bitching about the cobbled sections this year including Andy Schleck. Why complain about something that makes the event so much more interesting for the fans? Well if you’re a whiny little bitch you might complain, but if you’re a hardman you love it. That’s what Cadel Evans said about the stage and that contributed to why he is fast becoming my favorite cyclist in the peloton. The old Greats used to ride in the alps on gravel roads so I think our modern guys can handle a little cobbles here and there. Andy Schleck did well on that stage even though he rode the stage on the coattails of Cancellara but his brother went down though and broke his collarbone, which obviously this pisses Andy off. I think in the long run it might be better for him though, because Frank has been way more convincing this year than Andy and he would have had to wait for his little brother in the mountains. Or abandon him and win the stage like he’s done previously this year. Yes, I’m not a big Andy Schleck fan, he’s too full of himself.

So what will happen tomorrow? Well, hard to say really. Who’s going to be on form? Cancellara will most likely loose the Yellow jersey tomorrow, since he’s too big for the really steep stuff. I hope Cadel will be up there and possibly take the jersey, but much like Armstrong, I doubt he’ll take the stage. If Andy is on form he might take it and so might Contador. But what about Ivan Basso, Vinokouruv and Menchov? Basso looked super strong in the Giro and it might be his turn to attack. However, with Vande velde out of the GC I think Hesjedal might make a go at it and he could very well take it.

My money is on him, who wants to bet?


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