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quadra street monster drag results

Posted in 1 by capitalcitycycles on April 13, 2010

The monster drag was well attended this year. I think there were about 25 people who lined up on the “starting intersection” on April 3rd. I was going to document the race with a helmet cam but unfortunately the batteries died before the race started. I realized this after the race was over as is to be expected. Very professional.

I do have some Holga shots and a video of people recieving their spoke cards. I’ll post those once I’ve had them developed, that is to say if they turn out better then the shots of the sprints which were unimpressive to say the least. The race was a blast and I think, that everyone had fun. Perhaps in an excruciating, mind numbing, taste of blood, near blacking out way; but fun nonetheless.

Our professional timing coordinator, race marshal and driver of the race support vehicle, Tegan, managed to take down the first 5 finishers before getting confused. It’s also not entirely sure how long it took the racers to finish the race but it is thought to be somewhere in the 20-25min region.

First place: Zack

First loser: Halldor

Third: Paul

Fourth: Mark

Fifth: Henry

Next up are drags at the Point Hope Shipyards on April 23rd. Same time as always 7:30pm at the drag.


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