Capital City Cycles

First Race Tonight- Sprints!

Posted in Events by capitalcitycycles on March 26, 2010

The first race of the Capital City Cycles Summer Race Series is tonight at 7:30.  Head to head elimination sprints meeting out in front of the Shipyards on the last stretch of the Goose on the road beside the blue bridge- if these directions don’t make sense give us a call at the shop 250-385-1739.  See you all out there, we’re expecting a good turn out!

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  1. Vegan Dave said, on March 27, 2010 at 10:00 pm

    Heya – thanks so much for organizing this, it was a hoot! Looking forward to the next one already. =)

    One thought – the event you’ve got lined up for the 19th might conflict with another event – the VCL (Vic Cycling League) finale, a hill climb at Willis Pt. It doesn’t start until 4:30pm, so maybe one can attend both…what time does this begin? I’m hoping to field an OA team!

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