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3rd annual Blubber Burn Classic

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It’s that time again.

3rd annual Blubber burn is upon us.

It’s the same basic concept as the last two years.

Meet at the Heartland Dump Parking lot on January 29th. Register from 10:30-11:30.

Race starts at 12 and costs five buck which will go directly to South Island Mountain Bike Society since we will be riding on their trails.

“Race Clothing” encouraged.

I will probably run a similar course to last year, unless we have lots of snow, then I’ll make an easier course.

It’s a cross race, so if you have a CX bike show up on that. If you don’t have a CX bike you can use a Mountain bike but only if it’s single speed, or the shifters are locked out. There will be race officials that will inspect mountain bikes, and we can help with “singlespeeding” bikes as well. Mountain bikers will also be held back at the start line for a few seconds.

The course will most likely be the same as the last two years:

It starts at the north end of Inventive. From there it goes up Emergency one to Fire drill to Rollie ridge to Crazy horse, then down the fire road and skips into the bottom part of Nite shift and then up the fire road back to the start. I imagine the lap is only about 1,5 to 2 km but it is very challenging on a cross bike. For about 80% of the course you’ll be in your 3 lowest gears.  There will be some sort of barriers.

Some photos from two years ago:

some here as well:

Happy Halloween!

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I hope y’all had a good weekend!  Big thanks to Clay for organizing the second annual Chainline Massacre Alleycat on Friday- and of course all of the freezing cold checkpointers.  Have a fun and safe Halloween night everyone!!

Cool Winter Stuff In Stock

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We’ve got lots of great fall riding gear in stock right now, including these Halldor approved and tested Schwalbe Racing Ralphs.

SKS clip on fenders, now available in black and white.

And of course everyone’s favorite- The Schwalbe Durano Plus

Kore Track/Road Pedals Now In Stock

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We just got in some sealed and unsealed pedals from Kore.  Tegan has been testing them for us and is loving them!  Come check em out.

We also received some double clips and double straps from Soma to affix to said pedals.  Boom!


Volume Cutter Frames Only $350!

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We’ve got two Volume Cutter frames in smaller sizes in stock that we’re blowing out at only $350. One blue and one black both 51cm.

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Super badass photo by Mark Feenstra

Hope you don’t mind us using it, its just too good not to post!


Halldor For The Win!!

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CranksGiving Day Race Update

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Our friends over at Shine Cafe have generously donated some yummy prizes to the cause!

A quick update:  Just as an FYI there will be 9 check points during the race on Saturday night.  I would not normally post the finishing spot, but because this is all just for fun and a good cause; the finish line is at the Fernwood Community Centre at the polo court.

Don’t forget, 6:30 at the shop start, bring a bag, some cash, a lock and whatever else you need to make yourself feel safe.



Capital City Cycles/StuckyLife Cranksgiving Day Alleycat Madness!

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There’s gonna be an alleycat race next Saturday the 8th to celebrate Thanksgiving (and all it’s colonial wonder).  This Thanksgiving instead of raping and pillaging we’re giving and loving!  We’re meeting up at Capital City Cycles at 6:30pm on Saturday, and the race starts at 6:45.  The idea behind the race is that the checkpoints are going to consist of several grocery stores (small and large) and at said stores you’ll be required to pick up a non-perishable food item (for the food bank) and keep the receipt as proof that you hit the right spot.  There is no entry fee, and there will be time bonuses if you hit extra grocery stores and get more food.  There will be a car at the finish to drop all the foods in.

This race is open to absolutely anyone, and while points will be given out to the riders who are part of the race series, I totally encourage anyone and everyone with a bicycle to come out, ride the route and have fun.

Of course you’ll want to bring a bag, a lock and some lights.

I’ll post any more details necessary later in the week.

Not a Joke

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But it’s still really funny